Our CEO sits down with NBC to talk about healing

The Good Thick

Changing the narrative to fitness

Our ultimate goal is to help people all over the world gain confidence, feel sexy, and overall live a healthy lifestyle!


The Good Thick

Fit Camp

  • Monday-Thursday LIVE virtual workout sessions 5 am and/or 7-7:40 pm est

  • Monthly Resistance bands training w/ @cakezandgainz

  • Monthly Jump rope session w/ @jumpnaffirm

  • Monthly cardio strengthening session w/ @empowerher_fitness

  • Monthly yoga session w/Tonya Lewis

  • Monthly MixxedFit sessions w/@drgie

  • Monthly LIVE meal prep with @sidedishqueendc

  • Discounts on private virtual shopping experience w/ @zeninajar

  • A quarterly LIVE DIY session with @zeninajar

  • Monthly detox/fasting w/ @rocksolidreboot (additional cost)

  • Discounted waist beads for progress tracking by @beadsbywoo

  • Weekly accountability extracurricular activities

  • Weekly challenges

  • Giveaway challenges

  • POPPIN accountability group chat access


Is the Good Thick For Me?

The Good Thick is for you if you are tired of making excuses and desire a better life for yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you are a person that needs accountability and encouragement, this program is for you. If you enjoy having self-care carved out for you, this is the program for you. If you desire HEALING, this is the program for you!! 

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