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The Good Thick

Changing the narrative to fitness

Our ultimate goal is to help people all over the world gain confidence, feel sexy, and overall live a healthy lifestyle!


The Good Thick

Fit Camp

  • Monday-Friday LIVE virtual workout sessions 5 am and/or 7-7:30 pm est

  • Monthly Resistance bands training w/ @cakezandgainz

  • Monthly Jump rope session w/ @jumpnaffirm

  • Monthly Twerk session w/ @2scorefitness

  • Monthly cardio strengthening session w/ @empowerher_fitness

  • Monthly yoga session w/@2dpolefit

  • Monthly LIVE virtual Life coaching sessions with @dreamleaplive

  • Monthly LIVE meal prep with @my_kitchen_addictions

  • Monthly LIVE private virtual shopping experience w/ @zeninajar

  • A quarterly LIVE DIY session with @zeninajar

  • Monthly detox/fasting w/ @rocksolidreboot (additional cost)

  • Discounted waist beads for progress tracking by @beadsbywoo

  • Weekly accountability homework

  • Weekly challenges

  • Giveaway challenges

  • POPPIN accountability group chat access


Is the Good Thick For Me?

The Good Thick is for you if you are tired of making excuses and desire a better life for yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally. If you are a person that needs accountability and encouragement, this program is for you. If you enjoy having self-care carved out for you, this is the program for you. If you desire HEALING, this is the program for you!! 

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