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When I was younger I remember my Mom wearing these flower print legging shorts. She loved those legging shorts. I, on the other hand hated them. My Mom had this amazing butt and hips to sway with it. Her shape and those shorts always met us with a random "Hey Beautiful, how you doing?" by any man who laid eyes on her and I would always respond with "Ma, Is Daddy picking us up?". Knowing good and well my Daddy was at work and it was no where near time for him to come home. It was something about those shorts that made my mother of 6 children feel sexy and no matter how much I pouted for her NOT to wear them she would wear them. I remember how her face would look after she would put them shorts on. She would light up and start checking herself out in the mirror. It's funny how I remember those things, don't ask me to remember anything from yesterday lmsao (you'll see that abbreviation a LOT; it means laughing my sexy ass off or you could replace the sexy with silly. It all depends on how you're feeling).

As I got older and became a Mom I realized what my mother was doing. She was taking her sexy back and claiming it NO MATTER WHAT. She deserved that feeling. Staying home with six kids day in and day out. Making sure we were fed, clothes ironed, school work done and most importantly making sure we weren't killing each other. I am going to publicly apologize to my Mom for holding us all down. Those shorts were a big part of her still feeling like a sexy woman who was LIKE THAT! Mom's deserve to ALWAYS grab that moment and OWN their sexy.

Which leads me into some of my MUST HAVES on my "NEED TO FEEL SEXY" list. Mommy's Day weekend I was booked to be in Punta Cana instructing my #SexerciseWithSherrell class for the Ctrl Alt Delete Retreat. I'm not going to lie and say I was super confident in what my body has become since losing the baby (we'll talk more about that later). However, what I will tell you is that I knew there were two things that I absolutely knew I had to have in my suitcase and on my "Need to feel sexy" list. Here they are :

-Pink Cashmere Body BUTTAH by Zen In a Jar

-Mimosa Body Scrub by Zen In A Jar

-Body beads draped ALL over my body by Beads By Woo

These products made me smell and feel sexy all weekend. I will never leave home without them.

What's on your sexy list? Post a picture on Instagram and tag us with the hashtags #MommedItAgain and #NeedToFeelSexy we can't wait to see what's on your list!

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