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do you have a favorite child?

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

BY: Geri Ash

Now I know that a lot of you parents deny having a favorite child. They're all equal right? Well, part of the reason I didn't want another kid is that I've been telling my son he is my favorite for his entire life. It is easier to say it when you have one child. It wasn't a thought until I got with my boyfriend. He has three beautiful kids, but I'm not going to lie his youngest is my little boo. She is six going on twenty-six. She is a dancer, and she keeps me hip to all the latest dance moves. I go through withdrawals if she doesn't come to our house every weekend. I'm not sure if its because she is young, and I have more time to explore my relationship with her, but she is my homie.

The older two are big enough to be off in their world filled with cell phones and video games. I have to go in their bedrooms to check if they have a pulse. When dealing with the youngest, I feel like they still need you. Sitting down with Lil' Yonce (my nickname for her) and watching every video on YouTube about mermaids makes her happy. When dealing with preteens and teenagers, they need their friends more. Let be honest parents kids don't be checking for us at all. The only time I hear from my son is if he is hungry, needs money, or a ride. Other than that there isn't much interaction unless we force family time on their butts.

My older sister teases me all the time. She tells me that I am my mom's favorite child. I don't think I am, but she is convinced. It leaves me to question what is in a favorite child? I believe we are more attracted to kids that remind us of ourselves or who we inspired to be. We call them our "mini me's." That's why when little Rashad acts like his dad it gets on your nerves right? You can't stand his dad and don't want little reminders of him in your house. I get it completely. Sometimes my son does things his dad used to do, and I look at him like seriously man? One thing I do know is that each parent desire for their child to be like them in some capacity. It's one of the biggest gambles we deal with when deciding to have children.

One thing I do know is that kids can sense when you have a favorite child. Hell, even the favorite child knows they are the favorite. They walk around the house like they can destroy everything without punishment. The other children tend to stay away from them because if they fall and hurt themselves, the others may get into trouble. The secret has been out in these streets parents. We aren't that slick. It is crystal clear that we do have favorite kids, we don't know how to admit it though.

Which one of your kids is your favorite or not your favorite and why? Do you genuinely feel that you can love all your children equally? Leave your comments down below. I want to hear from you!

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