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I have feelings too dammit...

I woke up feeling like I needed a change, especially after all the hell we went through losing the baby. The mirror didn't help with the way I was feeling because every time I looked in it, I saw ALL of this thick out of control hair. Every day it seemed to grow thicker and longer. I would feel beads of sweat all through my scalp and it just was ruining my mood even more. The call to Sophie had to happen. "I NEED TO SEE YOU ASAP" was the text I sent to her. The distraction of my hair made me lose my manners. Sophie replied back "Well hello to you too". This made me realize even more this change needed to happen within the next few days.

I walked into Sophie's salon and I looked her dead in her eyes and said cut it and make me blonde with a pop of color. Sophie loves cutting and coloring so today was her day to be just what she loved ...CREATIVE! During the process Sophie asked me twice "Is this length good?" My response was "MORE". I still felt I was being held captive to my thick tresses of hair. Though it was beautiful and thick, I NEEDED CHANGE! When the process was finally over I looked in the mirror and felt a sense of FREEDOM. My mind felt FREE, my scalp felt FREE. This was finally my time, lmsao (laughing my sexy ass off).

I was so anxious to get home to show my Husband and the kids. Their opinions meant a LOT to me. Just like them as parents we feel really good knowing our kids approve the way we look. For me it's a sense of if my family likes it, I like it, F**K everyone else that doesn't. My Husband's response "I want to make love to her" (I cleaned that up lmsao). The smile I had on my face after receiving his opinion made me feel so good. Though I was already FREE, knowing that he would feel great laying next to his newly fresh shaved blonde-headed Wife made me feel good. Now onto the kids. When I got Gabby from school, she ran up to me and said "Mommy, you cut ALL of your hair off and ...I LOVE IT" she was jumping up and down and had shared the same joy I had when Sophie spun me around in that chair. My day was made!

Now this could have went in a whole other direction. If my Husband nor Gabby liked my hair and though I was FREE that would have made me feel sad. Just a little. The validation from your kids and your spouse means a lot. It helps the vain part of us. I'll admit my heart does desire for Gabby to like some of the things I wear or my nails and hair. Her opinion matters to me. One because that girl knows fashion at 7 years old. Two because I want her to feel safe to express how she feels about how Mommy is doing in all aspects, even the vain ones. This is in my book definitely OK, to like that your kids give you compliments is not a crime. Yes we are adults, but we also have feelings and love our families so much that in some cases their encouragement helps us to make it through. As Mom's we do so much for our homes that a little "You look pretty today" from the people whom you are doing so much for helps a lot. Now I'm not saying every second of the day or even every day but when we go out to make a change to our appearance it helps to utter a nice compliment. Especially after we've been running around looking like "Who shot John?" for days and maybe weeks on in.

Gabby is really good at giving compliments. She notices everything. She has me spoiled.

The next time someone tells you that you shouldn't feel sad if your kids don't give you compliments, check on you, or encourage you from time to time. Tell them to come get them from you. Lmsao just kidding. All in all you can feel how you want and I get it, we're HUMAN!

Until we meet again Mom's, KEEP MOMMING IT!!

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