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PIcture by Katisha Smittick of Mental Mayhem

Have you ever heard the saying "abs are made in he kitchen"? I have! I have actually said it a number of times when I was actively personal training clients. This statement is intimidating to the average person who emotionally eats to soothe any uncomfortable feelings. All the things we indulge in pizza, french fries, subs and cupcakes DOES NOT help with our "abs are made in the kitchen" mantra. However, we still deserve to do a "Happy dance" when food enters our mouth.

Since I have been spiritually fasting, I have been discovering some of the tastiest ways to ignite the "happy dance" in me. I mean let's face it Mom's need a space where they enjoy something to themselves. Normally it would be fatty foods and wine but when we are trying to ELEVATE and build we need mental clarity and often times food can cloud that. Relying on it to ease any pain or stressful situations makes it worse. I have gained so much clarity by changing the way I have been eating and not to mention I can feel it. Changing the way you eat can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding things we could ever do as Mom's. We can definitely do it! We have to want to have the time to care enough for US!

What I start doing is after I get home from the grocery store, instead of putting the peppers and onions away I immediately chop them up and store them already chopped to cut down on cooking times or buy it already chopped. I marinate the meat that I am going to cook for the next few days so I don't have to wait for it to thaw and season. The slow cooker has also become my best friend along with the air fryer. Just throw some beans in the slow cooker with your choice of meat, veggies and seasoning. You have a healthy "happy dance" meal for the next couple of days. Also, buy a lot of nuts and fruit. I love apples so we have lots of apples. Whenever I feel like I'm getting hungry I grab 2 apples and demolish them!

My sister Katisha Smittick who is a photographer and Chef has made some of the tastiest foods that I can comfortably eat and fall in love with. Most of the dishes include shrimp, chicken, fish, veggies, beans, and wonderful sauces. The time it takes to make the dishes range between 15-30 minutes and the flavors burst in your mouth.

Pictured is stuffed bell peppers with shrimp, and chopped peppers. Super easy. Super fun. Super good!

Until Next Moms...KEEP MOMMING IT!!!

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