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Mental Meals Monday

Meal prepared by Chef Katisha Smittick

"PIZZAAAAAA!" is what I screamed the other night. For you all that has been following. You know that I have been on a #SpiritualFast for *looks at calendar* 56 WHOLE days. It isn't hard everyday but some days it is so hard. Running a business, planning a MAJOR event, being a Wife and a Mom can really try and destroy your focus on your fast. There have been a few days during this fast where I have LITERALLY sat in the drive thru to get a small fry because my stomach is growling and I haven't eaten anything but an apple all day. My brain chemicals kick in like just get a small fry and stop your stomach from touching your back. This comes from poor planning. You have to ALWAYS be prepared when fasting or you get very close to letting the enemy win. The thing I love about fasting as oppose to "dieting" is its gives you clarity and a level of discipline that supersedes anything your adversary is trying to do. This is why from now on I will look at getting healthy physically as a a fast because now it allows me to study and have peace. So now not only am I shedding fat but I am ELEVATING my mind and spirit. You know preparing for ALL the things I pray for.

What I have decided to do NO MATTER WHAT is pack a bag of nuts, some apple slices and a banana. This has helped me. I have packaged my snacks up for the week as if I had a 9-5 to go to and this way I am never forced to even have the idea of a small fry OR a slice of Three brothers pizza.

Now we're going into the last 30 days of the 90-day fast and there is ANOTHER thing I will be giving up. I will post about that later this week and share how I am going to challenge myself to make it through. In the mean time I'm going to continue with my lean meats, veggies and low sugar fruits.

Has anyone joined me since I 1st posted about this? Tell us your struggles we want to know!