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not if he has kids...

Women seem to always have a checklist of things that they will or will not tolerate from a man. You know those things that are our non-negotiables. One of my personal favorites are "I am NOT dating a man with kids." Somehow that is all I found myself being in relationships with. In my past relationships I didn't have to assume a parental role. I really had no voice in making life-changing decisions. This made my relationships with the men easy. I never engaged in "baby mama drama" and I told myself "Sherrell, we are not equipped to raise anyone else's child or even have the heart to love them as if they are mine. Smooth sailing right? Fast forward to the older me, more mature me, more equipped me I now have the responsibility of a child I did not birth. Society says that being in a relationship with man/woman you are suppose to love and care for their child as if it is yours. How do you do this if your heart is not in it immediately? You don't know how to love or even care like you are "suppose" to.