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If any of your children are like my children than you may feel this post A LOT! I'm sure by now that everyone knows #TheGiftOfGabbs and you have probably seen me post about her being creative. She has been this way since she entered this world at a whopping 4lbs 15oz. When she is home she is drawing, painting, cutting out different paper people, sewing a skirt, making up her face, doing her dolls hair, making slime, or reassembling my closet. There is ALWAYS something to do when she's home. Well when you have a child like this, that doesn't possess a lazy bone in their body, YOU also have to be prepared for the ride. Do you nurture this or try to tame it??

I'm a busy, busy Mom! I wear a ton of hats and I practically have to schedule naps. So why would God gift me with a child that is already just as busy as me because of her creative juices flowing?!?!? Because I needed her. She chose me so now it's my job to NURTURE her dreams even if I am tired. This past weekend Gabby was invited to vend with me at our church, Zion. This was a big conference, over 200 women. I was a Keynote Speaker, speaking on how God views sex and what I have learned from my experiences. I knew this was going to be a packed conference because of the intensity and build up of it. Which meant this would be the perfect opportunity to let her handle a big crowd.

She found out about vending with #GabbysLemonadeStand 2 days before the event. It was GO time. We had to get the fresh fruits, get her signage and get her some staff. This all had to be done in 2 days on TOP of EVERYTHING I had to do to prepare for the conference. Either way I knew that having her at this conference would help her to understand how busy it can get being an Entrepreneur. I wanted to show her how she can capitalize off of her passion. She's been asking to do a lemonade stand since she was 4. I had to show her that it's more than just drawing signs for the stand you have behind the scenes work you HAVE to do to make the stand run smoothly. They had to wake up at 5am the morning of the conference to be there by 7 to set up. They were tired but did not complain. Needless to say we got it all done. Through this process I was teaching her and my niece Davia how to MAXIMIZE your time in order to be productive. You have to utilize every moment of your day to get things done even to rest. My Husband told me I was overwhelming myself, I ignored him and kept it moving lmsao, we'll talk about this subject at a later date.

The Girls did an AMAZING job. Everyone was ranting and raving about how good the lemonade was and how much of a hustler they both were. I laughed every time I heard it. They sold ALL the lemonade they bought. Their goal was to SELL OUT! They OUT SOLD ME! It felt good to see participants walk into my sessions drinking my baby's lemonade. It made all the running around, the exhaustion I felt, the irritation I felt, the "YOU are not about to do this lemonade stand" feelings GO AWAY! This showed me that I MUST nurture her dreams, especially if she's willing to work on them and research how she could be better. She said to me "Mommy, I don't want to work for anyone when I grow up" When she said that I immediately told her that I will be there to support her dreams as long as she is passionate about them.

Although I am always busy, I make sure that my busy schedule now includes #GabbysLemonadeStand. I took some time away from being on social media and invested that into my baby. It doesn't take much time to help your child's dream come true. Analyze your day, see what you could take out that is not bringing any value to your life and replace it with assisting your child with their "future billion dollar company".

Until next time,

Keep momming it!

Tell us about your experience with your creative KidPreneur!!!

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