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"If you don't get your life in order, you will not be with us anymore" Those were the words I will never forget hearing laying in Mercy hospital emergency room. I had been rushed to the hospital after passing out at work. The migraine I had for 3 days should have been indication enough that I wasn't well.

After hearing that I made a decision to take my life back. This depression had gone on for too long. I just ended a 3 year relationship with my child's father and was ready to get back to being happy. My brother hit me up and was like "I see you not doing too well, let's get to work" On January 13, 2013 is when I started my journey to lose the 100lbs that I had gained from drinking a bottle of vodka EVERY day and baking WHOLE cakes to eat at night. My life had become full of pity, sorrow, sabotage and more. This was ALL on me! I couldn't blame anyone but myself for the lifestyle I had taken on. My brother and I set a schedule to meet twice a week after work. So for the next 4 months he trained me, I completely stopped drinking and changed the way I viewed foods position in my life. I started to try different forms of working out. Kickboxing, Pilates, cross-fit, zumba you name it I did it. It wasn't easy but my commitment to me made me GO so HARD! There was NOTHING that was going to stop me. It was so easy to focus on me finally. The relationship I was in made me ONLY worry about what he was doing, making it very hard for me to focus on me. Hence how I let myself reach over 300 lbs.

By November 2013, I had lost over 90 lbs. I was feeling myself again. It felt good. I told myself that I would never get see that size on me again. After being so involved in getting myself together, I developed a passion for fitness. So on April 2014, I left the job I was in because I was TOO CREATIVE FOR A 9-5 and also because I knew God had a calling on my life. After I left, I had the the fear of "What the hell am I going to do now?". I put up a post on IG and told people I was going to hold a fit camp for $5. People started to follow my journey because I put up a picture in the beginning of my journey telling people that I was about to embark on a fitness journey and I needed them to hold me accountable. So when I put up this post after losing the weight I had over 30 women come out. That's when it hit me, "You need to get certified in fitness". This was never a thought of mine until after that fit camp. I knew women all over were not only dealing with fitness issues but emotional and mental stuff. This was my time to be that vessel. I got certified.

Over the year I helped over 300 women lose over 2,000 lbs from all over the world. It felt good to see women striving to be healed not just physically but mentally and emotionally as well.

Okay so I know you all are wondering how I got back in the position I was in 3 months ago. Long story short I got married, got lazy physically, ate a lot of cake and drank a lot of cocktails. Then tragedy happened. I was grieving. I needed something drastic to help me. The 90-day Spiritual fast was birthed. This time it is harder to get the weight off. I'm married now and have a ton more responsibility. The weight isn't coming off fast as it did when I started in January of 2013. However, I am in no rush to "look good" I am focusing more so on how I feel about myself. I cannot stress myself out about made up deadlines on my health. I am taking this thing one day at a time. I am making healthier choices with my food, relationships and everything else that is MY LIFE!

My suggestions:

-Schedule your time to get YOU right at the top of the week and let NOTHING get in your way.

-Find a good program that has other woman to help hold you accountable, a SAFE SPACE (


Who's ready?

Until next time..KEEP MOMMING IT!!


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