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Thank You Teachers for Taking My Child Back!


It is that time of year again. Children all over the country are heading back to school. The three months you got to spend with them throughout the summer is finally done. I know they see it as a vacation, but we see it as money we don't have to spend. I miss going home for lunch and hearing nothing but the sound of my dog breathing as he takes a nap. Parents you can play it cool if you want to, but I'm happy as hell to send these boys back to school!

First, they eat you out of house and home all summer! If I bring some leftovers home from a restaurant you best to believe it will not be there when I return. Then when I interrogate them about the missing food, I get shoulder shrugs and "I don't know?" responses. In my mind, I get pissed off and think to myself "You didn't put in on this man! Damn!" Secondly, that clean house you prided yourself on during the school year now looks like an abandoned crack house with clothes and blankets everywhere. During the school year, they only have time to mess up their rooms which I don't care about because I don't have to be in their space. When they are home for the summer, they want to be everywhere in the house leaving a messy trail behind them.

Teachers: Whatever you need let me know. Hell, they spend more time with our children than we do. Calculate that! By the time your child gets home, they have to do their homework, eat dinner, wash their butts, and go to sleep. When children participate in sports parents may have less time with them. There is no idle time to do whatever they want like there is in the summertime. Oh my goodness I almost forgot! Bedtimes go back into effect! No more I can stay up all night yelling at video games while waking my parents up out of their sleep.

Yes, Lord, may peace be still every day in my household at nine in the evening! Every year I see parents complaining about the school supply list when they should embrace their paper of freedom. Parents understand that getting those supplies is your token to normalcy again. I'm ready for these kids to go back to structure and schedules! May peace enter each & every parent's life!

Are you ready for your kid to go back to school? What are some of the things they do in the summertime that test your patience? What steps do you take to prepare them for the upcoming school year? If they have a sport how do you help them balance the multiple responsibilities?

Thanks for reading!


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