Every woman I know needs a "safe space" to turn to. Rather that be a group chat, girls trip, church, or wherever she feels safe to share certain thoughts. A place to share her emotions and evaluate her situation associated with that particular emotion. The ability to see US even in the moments we feel lost and communicating how we are feeling through it all. Our evolution requires us taking a look in the mirror. This 30-day journal will ask you challenging but super basic questions that will enable your BOLDNESS to be FREE with your FEELINGS.  
You keep telling yourself "tomorrow", "later", "next week" or even "in the next 6 months". What if you knew that taking the time to work on that one thing you knew could take you to the next level and WINNING? Would you work smarter? Where would you be in life? All of it boils down to is YOU NEEDING that happiness and fighting for it. The goal is to find REAL peace in our thoughts and genuine love in our hearts. Take this journey with me as we embark on our evolution into the person we yearn to be. 

A Safe Space For Moms

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